Importing Your Old SIM Card Information Onto Your New iPhone

When you have recently upgraded to a newer iPhone model, you are probably pretty excited about all of the things which you could now do with your phone. However there are certain things about your old phone which are necessary to hold on to, corresponding to your list of contact numbers. Contrary to what Apple workers could tell you about having to sign up for a selected service plan from a selected cell phone company with a view to transfer this list in its entirety, you truly have other options that don’t require having to manually enter in every contact one at a time. The next steps will train you how to import SIM card iPhone data to your new phone regardless of the service provider you have.

In case you are not particularly technologically inclined, you may find this process to be a moderately difficult one. Nevertheless, all you need in an effort to successfully import SIM card iPhone info onto your new phone is a bit of patience, in addition to each your new and old phones, your old SIM card that has your contact list saved on it, and a paper clip.

1. The first thing that you just will have to do is cost your new phone or check to make sure that it is already charged. You must also double check to confirm that all the numbers that you want are on saved on your SIM card, versus in your old phone. Any contacts save directly on the phone ought to be transferred to the card at this level so you don’t lose them.

2. The next thing it is advisable to do to import SIM card iPhone contacts is to remove the cards from every of your phones. Make sure you turn them off earlier than doing this. Then, utilizing the paper clip, pop out the cards and insert your old one into the tray in your new phone.

3. Now, turn your new iPhone back on. Unlock the screen and, from the home page, faucet the settings button. This button will have an icon with a picture of gears and will say “settings” under it. It needs to be fairly easy to find.

4. Upon getting entered the settings screen, you will have to discover a tab labeled “mail, contacts, calendars.” This button will be blue and have an icon with a white mail envelope.

5. Now you might be ready to import SIM card iPhone contacts. To do this, find the contacts part of this menu and scroll down until you find an option that claims “import SIM contacts.” Obviously, you will want to select this.

6. Your work is now done. Your phone will now import SIM card iPhone contacts by itself. All you must do is sit back and wait a minute. Exactly how lengthy the rest of the import takes will depend on how many contacts you’ve gotten stored in your old SIM card. Once this information has been transferred, your old contacts should automatically appear on your new phone.

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